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Co-op colleagues bring Christmas cheer to local children

18 December 2013

Co-op colleagues bring Christmas cheer to local children

With the festive season rapidly approaching, colleagues at Radstock Co-op’s Head Office started thinking about the usual Christmas preparations – decorating the office, trimming the Christmas tree, getting the holiday forms in, writing greeting cards and preparing for the Secret Santa gift exchange. But after some discussion and reflecting on the true spirit of Christmas, a unanimous decision was reached to do something different this year by providing a little bit of Christmas cheer to local children whose parents may find it difficult affording presents. Instead of sending the obligatory cards to all their work mates and rattling their brains endeavouring to find a suitably amusing or useful Secret Santa present for someone who they know very little about in terms of their taste and interests, staff at the head office decided to buy gifts for local children. After a little bit of research and a couple of telephone calls, it was soon evident that the Radstock Children’s Centre was an ideal candidate to receive the gifts for distributing as appropriate.

Nicky Holt, Radstock Children Centre’s coordinator explained that they work to deliver a range of services to families and young children including the provision of a safe and stimulating environment for the children to play. Often the parents need support with dealing with family, parenting and behavioural issues, financial hardship or have relationship problems etc. The Centre’s team are a group of trained professionals specialising in childcare and development and provide support, guidance and encouragement to families to overcome their problems.

A group of the head office staff played Santa last week when they paid a visit to the centre to deliver the gifts. Nicky explained that the toys would be gift wrapped by the parents and presented to their children.

A spokesperson for the Radstock Co-op Head Office staff said, ‘This is what Christmas is all about and if we can bring a little bit of happiness to a child who may not be as fortunate as others, then I’m happy to sacrifice the Secret Santa present-giving ceremony and the greeting cards exchange. Buying a gift for a child who you know will get a great deal of pleasure from it beats the five minutes of festive office fun any day!’