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Understanding Co-operatives: Membership and Benefits

The Radstock Co-operative Society, founded in 1868, is a consumer co-operative that is locally owned and managed. As a member, you can take advantage of the services provided by the Society, which is operated by its members. Each member has an equal say in the Society's actions, and profits are shared among members rather than outside investors. This is done through a 'Dividend' system. Our primary goal is to serve our members, whether they are customers, colleagues, or members of the local community. We believe in providing adequate reserves to ensure a sustainable future for our members while also sharing profits among them. We are proud to support the communities where we operate through financial grants, donations, and member involvement.



How to Apply for a Dividend Card and Earn Loyalty Points at

Radstock Co-operative Stores

  • To get a Dividend card, simply fill out an application form at any of our Radstock Co-operative Stores.
  • Start earning loyalty points immediately by presenting your card at the checkout when purchasing items. A colleague will swipe your card and the receipt will show the number of dividend points you've earned.
  • You can earn points for qualifying items at any participating Radstock Co-operative Store, excluding tobacco, vapes, alcohol and baby food.
  • Receive 1 Loyalty Point for every £1 spent on qualifying products.
  • It takes up to 7 working days to become a member of the Radstock Co-operative Society & be eligible for Member Deals in store. Pick up an application form in store and provide all of your contact details, including date of birth. Make sure the details are legible. You must be over the age of 16 to join. If you do not provide all the details requested on the form your membership will not be approved. 
  • Hand the completed form to a colleague at the checkout, who will add your £2 joining fee to your transaction. The £2 joining fee will be credited to your share account.
  • Once you've paid the £2 joining fee, all future loyalty points accumulated will be shared with you as dividend twice a year, in May and November.
  • After six months of membership and completion of the qualifying period, you'll be eligible to participate in democratic processes such as director elections and attendance at the Annual General Meeting.

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