Post office services are available instore at Radstock, Chilcompton & Paulton

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Values & Principles

Our values

  • Self help - helping people help themselves
  • Self-responsibility - we take responsibility for our actions
  • Democracy - we give our members a say in how the business is run
  • Equality - each member has a vote, regardless of how much they have in their share account
  • Equity - we operate with fairness and without bias
  • Solidarity - we share a common interest & purpose with our members & other Co-operatives
  • Honesty - we aim to be honest & transparent
  • Openness - we accept that we may make mistakes but we will admit them
  • Social responsibility - we support local communities & work to improve them
  • Caring for others - we fund charities & good causes & support community groups from the profits we generate from the business


Our principles

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, training and information
  • Co-operation among Co-operatives
  • Concern for the community