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Co-op Fortnight 2022

21 June 2022

Co-op Fortnight 2022

It's Co-op Fortnight – from Monday 20 June to 3 July!

This year we are celebrating the many different, inspiring ways that being part of a co‑op make to peoples lives.

‘I became a Radstock Co-operative member because I love the fact it’s locally owned & managed; that you have voice & are able to choose which community organisations they support through elections & motions at their AGM, along with helping to shape what products they offer & services in stores,’ Nikki #radstockcoop.


What difference does being part of a co-op make to your life?


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What makes a Co-op different?

The principles from the outside, a co-operative might look like any other business – it’s what happens inside that makes them different. All co-ops share a core set of values and principles.


A co-op is owned and controlled by its members. Co-ops exist for the benefit of their membership who may be customers, workers, or the wider community.

Co-ops are democratic – every member has a vote and has an equal say in how it is run.

Every member contributes in some way –from buying products, working, volunteering, or investing in it – and has a say in how resources are used, and profits are distributed.

A co-operative is an independent business, owned and controlled by its members.

It provides education and training to everyone involved, so they can develop the co-op and promote the benefits of co-operation

It co-operates and works in solidarity with other co-ops to support the wider co-operative sector.

It works to support and sustain the communities it works and engages with.