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Radstock Co-op Plays Santa to Local Children’s Cause

24 December 2015

Radstock Co-op Plays Santa to Local Children’s Cause

Radstock Co-op’s Head Office Staff, once again extended their Christmas shopping lists to include children’s toys and games for families facing hardship during the festive season.

Staff gave up sending Christmas cards and participating in the Secret Santa tradition in favour of donating toys to the Children’s Centre, Church Road, Radstock. 

Over the past few weeks, staff have been bringing in gifts including dolls, scooters, games and action figures and placing them under the office Christmas tree and, on 15th December, Santa’s helpers delivered them to the Children’s Centre. 

The staff at the Centre greeted Co-op colleagues with open arms as they came bearing gifts in all shapes and sizes and for various age groups.  A spokesperson for the Society said “Hopefully, the generosity of our staff will help spread a little Christmas cheer at a time which is particularly stressful for parents facing challenging circumstances.  We also get a lot of satisfaction knowing that our contributions will be gratefully received by the parents and who feel empowered by the fact that they get to wrap the gifts themselves and present it to their children.  The original concept of not sending cards or buying gifts for each other in order to divert the money to a worthwhile cause is so rewarding that every year, the number of toys donated just gets bigger’.